Fax Server Pro Product Features

Fax Server Pro is a client/server-based application that offers organizations the convenience of reducing costs, saving time, and improving productivity by enabling users to send, receive, and manage faxes directly from desktop and other business applications (OA, CRM, and ERP).


  • User-friendly Interface
    The user-friendly interface allows any novice user to Send and receive faxes via Fax server pro easily, thus, the training cost will be greatly reduced;
  • Automatic Fax routing
    Fax Server Pro automatically route incoming fax directly to the user’s incoming box, you route incoming fax to email addresses;
  • Fax to Email
    Fax Server Pro enables you to route incoming fax to email addresses;
  • Fax broadcasting
    Fax Server Pro enables you to send a fax document to thousands of numbers at one time for saving your time.
  • Read Tracking
    This feature allows you to track the users who have read the received fax and who did not.
  • Simple as faxing and fast as printing
    Virtual printer technology (Fax server pro printer) provides effective fax solutions of sending faxes directly from any desktop application, such as Microsoft Office, Adobe Reader(PDF), AutoCAD, Lotus etc.;
  • Build-in database engine
    The integrated high-performance database engine for Fax server pro frees user from using third party database (ms sql server, mysql, oracle, etc...)
  • Network-wide access from every workplace
    Due to the client rver architecture of Fax server pro, all faxes are available for all users on any workstation in the network.
  • Perfect security management
    Administrator could set up password to protect the fax documents against unauthorized access; The user manager is used to create and modify users and to configure individual permission (enable sending, receiving and forwarding fax, long distance calling etc.) for the single user; Event log enables you to monitor and track information about modem, software, system problems and security.