Fax Server Pro Pricing and Order Online

Thank you very much for using our product! By registering you unlock the software for unlimited use and acquire such benefits as:

  • Removal of the trial limitation.
  • The registration reminder will never popup again.
  • Your name will be shown as the registered owner in the About dialog.
  • You get quick and thorough answers from our dedicated support team plus access to detailed

To register your copy of Fax Server Pro, you will need two registration codes, a client registraction code and a server registraction code, both these two codes will be sent to you via e-mail after you pay for the corresponding license.

Price List & Order Online

Fax Server Pro is not for individual sale and is sold with at least one client.

Total Price
  Fax Server Pro
Supports 2 Fax Lines
Grand Total: 

· Instant Key Delivery

· Each additional fax line will cost you another $30USD(Volume discount available)

· Volume discounts available

· For Unlimited Users license, feel free to please contact us

What is delivered?

You will be taken to a 3rd party company called FastSpring Inc. which specialize in Internet commerce and will handle the secure transaction. Once your credit card is accepted, you will receive an email with your registration codes! It's a pretty painless process. (Please allow up to 2-8 hours for email delivery )

Note: During peak times, you may find the registration email may take up to 12 hours. Also, there have been a few rare cases of unreachable emails due to mis-configured email clients and privacy control... please feel free to contact us.