Frequently Asked Questions

Why are the receiving faxes/pdf attachments not readable?

This is a question we often get asked. It relates to the Init String you used and there are two ways for you to change the Init Strings:

There are two ways for you to change the Init Strings:

  1. Selecting another Init String
    1)In Fax Server Pro, click Stop Sending and Stop Receiving buttons on the toolbar.

    2)Click Server menu, click Devices Settings, you may see your modem model in the Fax Devices Settings dialog.

    3)Click Detect Devices, point to Init strings, select the second Init Strings in the combo box, then click OK.
  2. Changing the Init String manually
    Please refer to How to manually correct the init string?

If the problem still occurs, unfortunately, you can check for updated modem drivers from your modem manufacturer's website, update the Modem BIOS, or just REPLACE with a new modem. We recommend you to avoid using LOW-COST or SOFT modems for faxing, since such modems are usually only tested for data and Internet connections and do not work very reliable in fax mode.