Frequently Asked Questions

Help us to translate Fax Server Pro into your language and earn a free license

We now invites you to become our volunteer UI translator to localize our Fax Server Pro into your language. You will be able to make a difference. The translation process is simple, easy and fast. We highly appreciate your contribution to our product.

Please following is the instruction on how to translate the language files:

  1. Dwnload the Language files which can be found in our download page.
  2. Decompress the downloaded file, you can see 6 files as follows: Client_English.rc, Server_English.rc, Browser_Res.rc, Client_Res.h, Server_Res.h and Browser_Res.h.
  3. You may simply open the .RC files with a Resource Editor(i.e. ResEditor), and translate the files into your language:

  4. You also may open the .RC file with Notepad, and then translate the file into your langeuage:
  5. Save and email us the translated files.
  6. We shall get back to you very shortly.