Frequently Asked Questions

How to install multiple fax modems?

Though we recommend you to avoid using multiple low-cost fax modems for faxing, we get asked this question a lot. Here is a simple step by step guide showing you how to install multiple U.S. Robotics V.92 USR5637 56K USB Fax modems on Windows XP:

  • Connect the modems to computer, and install modems drivers;
  • Open Fax Server Pro, click Stop Sending and Stop Receiving buttons on the toolbar. On Server menu, click Devices Settings, click Detect Devices..., only one U.S. Robotics V.92 USB Modem could be found in the devices list;
  • On Server menu, click Exit to close Fax Server Pro;
  • Right-click My Computer, click Properties, click the Hardware tab, and then click Device Manager, double-click Modems:

  • You should find that modem which name contains a # character that cannot be recognized with Fax Server Pro;
  • In order to fix this problem you have to update the Modem drivers manually. To prepare for updating modem drivers:
  • Click here to download the lastest release drivers: i.e: USR5637-2kXpVista32-bit.exe;
  • Extract the drivers to C:\USR\5637, double-click the USR5637_2k_XP_Vista_32bit.inf file to open with Notepad;
  • Replace the string Modem2 = "U.S. Robotics V.92 USB Modem" as Modem2 = "U.S. Robotics V.92 USB Modem II" (The string name may be Modem1PCI, Modem1EXT, Modem1EXTPNP and Modem1USB etc...);
  • On File menu, click Save As..., type "USR5637_II.inf"(Include the inverted commas), click Save, and then close Notepad.
  • Right-click U.S. Robotics V.92 USB Modem #2 modem, select Update Driver;
  • The Hardware Update Wizard will begin: Select No, not this time, click Next; Select Install from a specific location(Advanced) and click Next; Select Don't search. I will choose the driver to install and click Next;
  • Windows will show you the current driver that is installed for the modem. Click Have Disk, click on Browse to point to C:\USR\5637, choose the USR5637_II.inf file, click Open, click OK;
  • Windows will show the selected driver: U.S. Robotics V.92 USB Modem II, click Next to begin copying the necessary files to your hard drive, click Finish to move on;
  • Repeat the above steps to update drivers for the U.S. Robotics V.92 USB Modem #3 modem;
  • Now, Fax Server Pro can recognize all of your modems!