Frequently Asked Questions

How to increase Resolution/Quality of sent fax?

In order to increase the quality of a fax message, try the followings:

  • In Fax Editor dialog box, click Options button on the left side of the window.
  • The Fax Options dialog box will be displayed, then click Fax tab.
  • On the Fax tab, click the Custom Settings option.
  • Click and drag the Bayer Dithering, Min-black Comparison and Max-white comparison sliders to the settings(to the right) you want.
  • Click OK button to close the Fax Options dialog box.
  • In Fax Editor dialog box, click the Preview button to review the fax.
    If the result is not satisfactory, then try for different values, and change the Print Quality to High(204 x 196) if it's necessary.

To set up the global fax parameters:

  • In Fax Server Pro, click Server-Options button on toolbar.
  • The Server Options dialog box will be displayed, click Fax Parameters on the right side of the window.
  • Set parameters same as above
  • Click OK to save, all these configs will be applied in the next time client logging in.