Frequently Asked Questions

How to import contacts from a CSV File into Fax Server Pro?

Importing from a CSV file is a two step process. First, you need to prepare and verify your CSV file. Next, simply choose your import file to perform the import.

1. Preparing your CSV file
Please ensure that your CSV is a valid CSV format. A good way to check is to import your file into Microsoft Excel and see if the data is as expected. This is also a good opportunity to do any massaging of the data, if you wish. The CSV file must contain a heading row. For example, here is a valid file with a single record:

Click here to download the contacts_demo.csv file...

2.Importing the CSV file

  • Launch Fax Server Pro;
  • On Contact menu, click Import contacts..., locate the CSV file you want to import, press Enter;
  • The Import Contacts dialog box will be displayed, and give you statistics on how many contacts were imported.
  • At last, click Close button to close the dialog box.