Fax Server Pro Version 3.x

Configuration wizards

The first time you start Fax Server Pro, the Configuration Wizard will be launched which will enable you to set up the basic configurations of Fax Server Pro.

The description of each wizard step is given below:

  • Step 1: The brief description of the Configuration Wizard;
  • Step 2: Select whether to Create a new database, or Choose an existing Fax Server Pro database(*.gfd);
  • Step 3: Set up a password to prevent unauthorized users from setting or shutting down the fax server;
  • Step 4: Specify a folder on your hard disk where you want to save the faxes. Once the wizard finished, this location CANNOT be changed;
  • Step 5: Fax Server automatically detects and configures fax modems for sending & receiving fax, it's recommend that you specify the Caller ID command(AT+VCID=1 works for most modems); Please make sure that the modem is connected to a telephone line;
  • Step 6: Set up the Area code and Calls prefixes so that the fax server will know how to dial a fax number;
  • Step 7: Set up your Fax to Email Configurations so that the fax server will know what mail server to use and how to authenticate for sending mail;
  • Step 8. Configuration completed, click Finish button to close the configuration wizard and open the main windows.
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