Fax Server Pro Version 3.x

Which modems and fax boards do you recommend for Fax Server Pro?

In general, we recommend to avoid using low-cost modems for faxing, since such modems are usually only tested for data and Internet connections and do not work very reliable in fax mode.

In order to get maximum performance and reliability from your fax server, Fax Server Pro recommends fax boards and modems from these manufacturers:

The best USB modem we have used here is the Zoom model 3090 USB modem. They are hard to find, but you may be able to find one here...

Please DO NOT confuse the model 3090 with the 3095, we did not experience good results with the modem 3095, it has a nasty habit of refusing to be reset from software and will not release the phone line after a period of fax activity.

In fact, we DO NOT RECOMMEND using U.S. Robotics and External USB-serial fax modem.

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