Fax Server Pro Version 3.x

User Login

When you start the program, the User Login dialog box appears on the screen. The following image shows the Fax Server Pro Client User Login dialog box:

The User Login dialog box contains the following items:

  • Server: Enter the domain name or IP address and Port of the Fax Server Pro to connect with, for example:, Fax Server ProServer:8751 etc. The default port is 8750 if leave it blank
  • User name: User name used when logging in the Fax Server Pro
  • Password: Enter your Password for the server here
  • Auto login: Automatic login to Fax Server Pro when Fax Server Pro Client starting up
  • Save password: Save password so user doesn't need to enter the password everytime login to Fax Server Pro
  • Work offline: This lets user accesses Fax Server Pro Client and lets user uses the program without connecting to the Fax Server Pro

Note: The default user name: DEMO, with the password: 1234

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