Fax Server Pro Version 3.x

Receiving faxes from your email client (Outlook Express, Outlook or Thunderbird)

Fax Server Pro routes the incoming faxes to user's email addresses or any other email addresses as a TIFF or PDF attachment. You are then able to print, save and forward the fax – similar to what occurs when a regular email with an attachment is received.

  1. Refer the article: Forwarding incoming fax to email addresses
  2. Open your email client program, e.g. Outlook Express, Outlook or Thunderbird
  3. Go to the email account settings/preferences for checking mail, and the click Send/Receive or Get Mail button to recieve new messages
  4. See below, shows the email sent by Fax Server Pro, attachments can be tiff or pdf format


Note: You must specify the caller id strings in order to retrieve caller's Phone Number between the rings, please refer Configure Fax Devices and Does my modem support Caller ID for more informations


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