Fax Server Pro Version 3.x

Receiving faxes From Fax Server Pro Client

Fax Server Pro Client will automatically receive faxes from the fax server in every certain time after you logging in. You can also manually check new faxes by clicking Receive on the Fax menu.

To immediately check for new faxes

  • Click Send/Recv Fax on the toolbar, or press F9. Any fax messages in your Outgoing folder will be sent at the same time
  • Press F8 if you wish to check for new faxes only

To check faxes in every certain time

  1. On the Tools menu, click Options...; or directly press Ctrl + O
  2. On the Fax Server Pro Client Options dialog box, select Check for new fax every [ ] minutes, and specify the interval of minutes
  3. Click OK
  4. When new faxes arrive, a notice window will popup from right corner of screen and indicate the number of new faxes
  5. Click the notice link to open the Incoming foder, or click X to close it directly
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