Fax Server Pro Version 3.x

Fax Server Pro Client

Fax Server Pro Client is an application that allows users to connect to a Fax Server Pro, for sending and receiving fax from every workplace.

Folder Explorer

Folder Explorer displays the type of fax items in the form of a tree structure and allows you to navigate and organize through it. If the Folder Explorer is not displayed, click Folder Explorer on the View menu.

Phone Book

Phone Book displays the contacts in the form of a tree structure and allows you to manage through it. If the Phone Book is not displayed, click Phone Book on the View menu.

Fax List

Fax List displays the fax items of the currently selected folder. The column depends on the type of currently selected folder and helps you to see the main information about fax message:
  • Priority: The priority assigned to the fax
  • Read: Whether you have read the fax or not
  • Read Tracking: Flags the fax item as read or not from the server
  • Received: The time when the fax was received
  • Modified: The time when the fax was modified
  • Submission Time: The time when the fax was submited to fax server
  • Completed Time: The time when the fax was sent, either successfully or failed
  • From(TSID/Caller ID): The Fax number or name(TSID) of the person from whom the fax was received
  • Recipients: Shows the person to whom the fax is sent
  • 1st Reader: The user who read the fax item FIRST
  • Subject: Shows the subject or topic of a fax item
  • Owner: The USER who send the inner fax
  • Quality: Resolution of the fax; Low(204 X 98) / High(204 X 196)
  • Pages: Shows the total pages of the fax
  • Size: Shows the file size of the fax
  • Retries: The number of times the fax server will try to send your fax
  • Status: The sending result of a fax item. For more detail, see the Fax Properties dialog box

Fax Preview Area

Fax Preview Area shows the contains of currently selected fax item. If the Fax Preview Area Book is not displayed, click Phone Book on the View menu.

Status Bar

The status bar, which is the horizontal area at the bottom of the main window, provides the information about the current state and any other contextual information:

  • Content Status: The description of controls on mouse over
  • Status: The current communication status; The progress window will be displayed if you click this pane
  • Today: Displays the current date
  • Server: Displays the currently logged in server; Double-click this pane to Log In or Log Out Fax Server
  • Current User: Displays the currently logged in user name
  • CAP: Displays the Caps Lock state.
  • NUM: Displays the Num Lock state.
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