Fax Server Pro Version 3.x


Toolbars allow you to quickly access the most frequently used menu bar commands.

The toolbar commands are described in the tables below:

Command Shortcut Description
Open Ctrl+O Displays the Open file dialog box to open a tiff file
Print Ctrl+P Prints currently fax message.
Zoom out F6 Starts receiving fax service
Zoom in F5 Stops receiving fax service
Fit width Ctrl+W To display the current document in Fit Width view
Fit height Ctrl+H To display the current document in Fit Height view
Best fit Ctrl+F To view the best fit for the current document
Actual size F4 To view the actual size of the current document
Rotate 90 CW Ctrl+Left Rotate the image by 90 degrees counter-clockwise
Flip horizontal   Flip horizontal current page
Rotate 90 CCW Ctrl+Right Rotate the image by 90 degrees clockwise
Previous page PageUp Moves to the previous page
Current page   Displays the current page
Next page PageDown Moves to the next page
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